Anti-counterfeiting and sorting labels

Anti-counterfeiting and sorting labels

Counterfeit products currently cause multi-billion dollar losses globally. Effective protection against counterfeits is the key to maintaining sales and employment.

NANOXO offers highly sophisticated solutions that ensure a very high level of protection against counterfeits by a possibility of applying markers in the form of transparent, fluorescent paints, varnishes or inks for specific marking of the end user products. Application of tags can be in a form of trademark prints, bar codes or QR codes which are invisible to the naked eye but is visible upon inspection with UV light. Nanoxo also offers unique QD based tags which can track individual items.
Additionally such protective fluorescent labels may be used as sorting tags during packaging, shipping as well during package recycling.

NANOXO ZnO QDs are stable, chemically inert, non-toxic and do not bleach over time, therefore they can be incorporated into a wide range of consumer products. Method of its synthesis practically excludes the possibility for a counterfeiter to produce a nanoparticle of similar properties.