ZnO Quantum Dots and Nanoparticles of a Superior Quality

NANOXO Zinc Oxide quantum dots (ZnO QDs) are of unprecedented quality.

They have significantly better chemical and physical properties than their counterparts currently being produced by the most popular sol-gel method.

Organometallic approach

The organometallic approach developed by Nanoxo allows for manufacturing defect-free ZnO QDs with novel physicochemical properties such as long-term stability, monodispersity, a relatively high quantum efficiency, record-long luminescence lifetimes and EPR silence under standard conditions.

The unique features of the tightly coordinated and impermeable organic shells stabilizing the surface make the new ZnO quantum dots resistant to both chemical and biological environments

  • True, non-toxic, bio-safe
  • UV absorption up to 400 nm (depending on product version)
  • Luminescence lifetime up to µseconds
  • Tunable color emission (480 – 570 nm)
  • High quantum yield and brightness
  • Size tunable (2 – 10 nm)
  • Possibility of attaching custom chemical groups for further coupling (click chemistry)
  • Hydrophilic or hydrophobic (dependent on product version)
  • Long term stability
  • Do not aggregate into clusters
  • Different shapes
  • Scalability

Nanoxo novel Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots  are available  at https://nanoxo.eu/shop/

For customized solutions - ZnO Qdots in various solvents, polymers, paints or varnishes, or for special applications please inquire at: company@nanoxo.eu

//nanoxo.eu/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/kropki-baner.svgyellow colloidal zinc oxide quantum dots