Electronics, Photovoltaic, Sensors

ZnO Quantum Dots for Electronics

ZnO QDs have wide band gap (3.37 eV) and large exciton binding energy, therefore they are highly demanded by the electronics industry.
Nanoxo offers high-quality ZnO QDs coated by organic ligands dedicated for electronics applications. Nanoxo nanoparticles possess a well-defined surface, which results in their unique properties such as ultra-long lifetime of excitons (up to µs) and ultra-high chemical resistance.
Moreover, by modifying the stabilizing ligand it is possible to change the electronic and physicochemical properties such as band gap.
In addition Nanoxo can synthesize ZnO QDs in electronic purity, and this brings these nanoparticles to yet a higher level of quality.

Potential applications:

  • QD based solar cells (electron accepting layer – EAL)
  • Photodiodes
  • Light emitters (QD based diodes)
  • Chemical sensors
  • Solar blind UV sensors
  • Displays
  • Friend or Foe detection systems