ZnO2-NPs ready for shipment


First batch of Stable Zinc Peroxide Nanoparticles (ZnO2 NPs) is ready to be shipped!

Nanoxo introduces novel Zinc Peroxide (ZnO2) Nanostructures


Nanoxo has developed a new breakthrough technology of fabrication of a very fine, monodispersed and long-term stabile zinc peroxide-based nanomaterials not available on the market until now. Unique patent pending technology based on organometallic approach gives Nanoxo an opportunity to …

Nanoxo launches its web store!


Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots available in webstore Now high quality Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots are available online for Universities, Research Institutes and corporate R&D departments. We are pleased to announce that our new direct sales channel has just been launched …

Nanoxo – website launch


We have a pleasure to present a launch of a brand-new website of Nanoxo company. The purpose of the website is to give clients the opportunity to learn about Nanoxo unique ZnO quantum dots technology. Advantages of using of those …