Novel Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots Technology for Electronics and Solar Research


Nanoxo now offers high-quality uncoated Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots dedicated for electronics applications and perfectly suited for solar research.

The quantum dots technology from Nanoxo sets a new milestone in a development of Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells (PSCs).
Recently it has been demonstrated that double-layered Electron Transfer Layer (ETL) structure consisting of organometallic derived ZnO QDs and TiO2
improved the optical and morphological properties of a perovskite film leading to a superior device performance.
ZnO QDs ameliorated shunt resistance and quality of the perovskite and suppressed the recombination.
For more details about the study visit:Solar Energy, Volume 197, 2020, Pages 50-57.

What are the benefits of Nanoxo technology?

  • Superior nanocrystal quality in comparison to sol-gel derived ZnO QDs
  • Well – soluble in DMSO – no agglomeration in time
  • Lack of bulky organic coating – excellent electrical contact
  • No surface defects – improved charge separation and device stability
  • High purity ZnO without any added process metal impurities

The unique feature of Nanoxo nanoparticles is well-defined surface, which results in ultra-long-lived electron-hole separation (up to µs) and ultra-high chemical resistance.
The quantum dots organometallic technology from Nanoxo allows for an easy and repeatable manufacturing process and outstanding performance of the final thin film.
Upon request, Nanoxo can deliver ZnO QDs in electronic purity, which brings these nanoparticles to a higher level of quality.

Examples of applications:

  • Photovoltaics
  • Displays (OLED, QLED)
  • Printed Electronics
  • Sensors
  • Catalyst

Link to the product: Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots (ZnO QDs) uncoated