Nanoxo introduces novel Zinc Peroxide (ZnO2) Nanostructures


Nanoxo has developed a new breakthrough technology of fabrication of a very fine, monodispersed and long-term stabile zinc peroxide-based nanomaterials not available on the market until now.

Unique patent pending technology based on organometallic approach gives Nanoxo an opportunity to offer a wide class of ZnO2 nanostructures easily dispersible in various organic solvents as well as in water depending on application needs.

Zinc peroxide is a well-known material with potential use in many sectors of global economy like rubber and plastic processing, cosmetics, antiseptic and wound healing agents, nanotherapeutics, component of pyrotechnic mixtures, catalysts, sensors, organic synthesis and electronics.
Well-defined zinc peroxide nanostructures with typical average dimensions of below 5 nm can significantly increase efficiency of many industrial processes where a bulk material is nowadays applied. On the other hand,  a new quality in ZnO2 nanomaterials opens up a countless opportunities for R&D labs in finding new paths of interest in different areas of research.

In addition unique technology allows to design materials exactly fitted to the end-user application.

Nanoxo novel zinc peroxide (ZnO2) nanostructures are also available for Universities, Research Institutes, R&D departments and industrial partners at

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