Nanoxo launches its web store!


Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots available in webstore

Now high quality Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots are available online for Universities, Research Institutes and corporate R&D departments.
We are pleased to announce that our new direct sales channel has just been launched to give our customers quick access to the company’s product line, current price lists and the convenient possibility of placing orders together with making payments. Orders received in this way will be processed as priority while maintaining high quality of service.

Current key technology of Nanoxo is a production of heavy metals free quantum dots based on zinc oxide – unique nanoparticles having unprecedented properties in comparison to the products currently available on the market. The unique features of the tightly coordinated and impermeable organic shells stabilizing the surface make the new ZnO quantum dots resistant to both chemical and biological environments. They have significantly better chemical and physical properties than their counterparts currently being produced by the most popular sol-gel method.

Nanoxo QDs can be tested in various applications like novel solar cells, displays, sensors, photocatalytic films, UV filters, fluorescent additives but also in biomedical fields as antibacterial agents. They are readily soluble in various organic and water-based solvents forming stable and transparent colloidal solutions.

The current offer of Nanoxo includes ZnO QDs coated with short- and long-chain organic ligands possessing various physical properties. Our unique technology allows us to design materials exactly fitted to your application. If you cannot find well suited product in our store we encourage you to ask our technical staff for support.

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